GI JOE BAZOOKA 50th Anniversary Action Figure COMPLETE 3 3/4 C9+ v4 2015

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G.I. Joe:

Bazooka (version 4) was released by Hasbro as part of the "Sneak Attack" set for the 50th Anniversary line in 2015.


Bazooka came with a blue helmet, missiles, blue backpack, black rifle, black & gold figure stand.


A trained tank-driver, Bazooka knows what the Cobra armored vehicle drivers are thinking as the jink and weave to avoid getting hit by his missiles. Knowing what the best evasive maneuvers are helps him second-guess the moves of COBRA vehicles and keep them targeted in his sights. He and Specialist Dusty chase Cobra explosives expert Firefly through the desert after he launches a sneak attack on a G.I. Joe desert patrol.