GI JOE BEACHHEAD 25th Anniversary Action Figure COMPLETE 3-3/4" C9+ v11 2008

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G.I. Joe:

Beachhead (version 11) was released by Hasbro with the sixth wave of comic packs in 2008.


Beachhead came with a second head, a green bandana, a black vest, a black satchel, a gray submachine gun, two gray ammunition clips (attachable to the submachine gun or satchel), a gray pistol, and a black display stand.


Beachhead was Lane instructor at the Ranger School n Fort Benning and a Covert/Ops School observer/advisor. Meticulous, patient, and strong-willed, he likes getting up at 0600 hours to take a ten-mile rune and PT (physical training) session before breakfast. He enjoys squatting motions beside a jungle trail for three days straight waiting to ambush bad guys who might never show up. What he hates are people who aren't interested in doing their best, When faced with a problem, he can be relied upon to find a simple, yet effective, solution.