GI JOE BEACHHEAD Action Figure Night Force COMPLETE 3 3/4 C9+ v6 2004

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G.I. Joe:

Beachhead (version 6) was released by Hasbro and was released as part of the twentieth series (2004), as part of the Toys R Us exclusive Night Force set.


Beachhead came with a black pistol and a black backpack.


A former ranger school instructor, Beachhead is a highly motivated individual with a high pain threshold, a moderate temperament, and a low tolerance for under-achievers. A qualified expert with all NATO and former Warsaw pact small arms, he is also authorized to wear the master explosive ordnance disposal badge, the combat infantryman's badge, and the good conduct medal with oak left clusters. Beachhead likes to be the first one out of the best covering and suppressive fire to allow the rest of his team to deploy safely. He is rumored to have a collection of spike-knuckled trench knives almost as extensive as the one belonging to Snake Eyes.