GI JOE CAPT ACE 25th Anniversary Action Figure COMPLETE 3-3/4" C9+ v1 2008

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G.I. Joe:

Capt. Ace (Version 1) was released by Hasbro with the third wave of comic packs in 2008 celebrating the 25th Anniversary of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.


Capt. Ace came with a white helmet, white, gray, and red harness, and a black display stand.


Capt. Ace rather fly than do anything else. During high school, he worked after school and weekends to pay for flying lessons. He spent one year flying pipelines in Alaska and two years stunt fling for movies before enlisting in the USAF. He joined the G.I. Joe team after serving in pilot combat training school as a senior instructor. He's right at home in the cockpit of all type of planes and has an intuitive knack for getting the most out of them.