GI JOE CUTTER Vintage Figure Battle Corps Shark 9000 Driver COMPLETE C9+ v3 1993

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G.I. Joe:

Cutter (version 3) was released by Hasbro and was released as part of the twelfth series (1993) boxed with the Shark 9000. He was discontinued domestically in 1994.


Cutter (v3) was released with a single black rifle


Repelling aquatic assaults and intercepting smugglers and spies on the high seas is a specialty of the U.S. Coast Guard and that's where CUTTER learned his craft. He was the skipper of a high-speed Coast Guard ship and in charge of special Coast Guard operations before transferring to the G.I. Joe team. Now, armed with the firepower and technology of his newly acquired attack craft, Cutter can use his hard-earned Coast Guard skills to the max! To serve with Cutter on the Shark 9000 is considered a welcomed challenge to other G.I. Joes, a challenge they meet head on!