GI JOE DUKE Rise of Cobra Action Figure 25th ROC COMPLETE 3 3/4 C9+ v35 2009

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G.I. Joe:

Conrad "Duke" Hauser (version 35) was released by Hasbro and was released in Collection 1 Wave 3 of the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra toy line in 2009.


Conrad "Duke" Hauser came with a two-part black and silver helmet, two gray gauntlets, a black spring loaded missile launcher with removable stand connect to a yellow missile with black string, a black submachine gun, and a black display stand.


Conrad "Duke" Hauser is a central member of the G.I. Joe Team and chases Cobra villains through Paris to retrieve dangerous nanomite technology. His high-tech accelerator suit increases his speed and strength and is armed with gas-propelled grappling spears and a spinning gatling gun.