GI JOE ICEBERG Vintage Action Figure Battle Corps COMPLETE 3 3/4 C9+ v2 1993

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G.I. Joe:

Iceberg (version 2) was released by Hasbro and was released carded as part of the twelfth series (1993). The 1993 Battle Corps figures were numbered 1 through 36 - Iceberg was number 3.


Iceberg came with a white rifle, a white handgun, a white knife, white machete, a white snowboard, a green missile launcher (spring loaded, actually fired), and two white missiles.


Iceberg is one of the best cold weather specialists on the planet. Not just because he has the knowledge and ability to endure freezing temperatures, but because he actually enjoys the bitter cold and survives it was a smile even in the chill of battle. He loves to thrash Cobra (and the mountain slopes) on his jet-powered snowboard and he knows everything about arctic survival, including fortifying his own igloo by hacking and shaping huge blocks of ice with his razor-edged machete.