GI JOE NIGHT CREEPER Vintage Action Figure Ninja Force COMPLETE C9+ v2 1993

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G.I. Joe:

Night Creeper (version 2) was released by Hasbro and was released carded as part of the twelfth series (1993) as part of the Ninja Force subset. The 1993 Ninja Force figures were numbered 1 through 7 - Night Creeper was number 3.


Night Creeper came with a light blue bow, a light blue sword, a light blue machete, a light blue sickle, two light blue dueling knives, and a light blue figure stand.


Captured Cobra documents revealed the existence of a syndicate of high tech ninjas called Night Creepers. It is believed that these vicious ninjas conduct all field intelligence and covert operations for Cobra. All investigations into the structure and origin of the Night Creepers have run into dead ends, or resulted in mysterious disappearance of the investigators. If they're provoked in any way, even by other Cobra members, they are known to react without mercy. They are generally regarded as having the saruples of a Wall Street stock manipulator, the lethal skills of a master martial artist and the stealthy talents of a car burglar.