GI JOE ROADBLOCK 25th Anniversary Action Figure COMPLETE 3-3/4" C9+ v18 2008

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G.I. Joe:

Roadblock (version 18) was released by Hasbro in the DVD Battles Pack, set 2 of 5.


Roadblock came with gray webgear, a black and silver knife, green strangler vines, and a black display stand.


Roadblock still finds time to cook gourmet meals, but usually he's gripping a .50 cal Browning heavy machine gun instead of a spatula. He attended the prestigious Escoffier School in France before joining the Army and G.I. Joe team. A courageous soldier, he'll willing sacrifice himself to save his biddies and the mission, like when, Flint, Mutt, and Junkyard were trapping in a crevice with deadly strangler vines: he stayed behind so that others could escape. Whether he's whipping up gratinee de conquille St. Jacques or blasting Cobra Troopers with his "Ma Deuce," Roadblock makes his point loud and clear: he's the best at anything he puts his hands to - period.