GI JOE ROCK VIPER Action Figure COMPLETE 3 3/4 C9+ v2 2000

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G.I. Joe:

Rock Viper (version 2) was released by Hasbro and was released as part of the sixteenth series (2000).


Rock Viper came with a black grenade launcher (with a removable black chamber), a dark gray backpack, a black knife, a black hose, a gray missile launcher, a gray missile, and a black figure stand.


Rock Vipers scramble up a mountain crag as easily as the rest of us can stroll across a deserted street. And they do it so stealthily that it's almost impossible to detect their movements. The higher the mountain, the better they like it. More altitude means more room for pranks to a Rock Viper! They think nothing of slicing a fellow Viper's safety line. or dulling the point of his climbing pick, just for laughs. Of course, laughing would be easier if they weren't at 1700 feet elevation and grasping for air! Laughter echoes a long way p - or down! But it's no laughing matter for the GI Joe team if the Rock Vipers capture the high ground!