GI JOE SNAKE EYES Hall of Heroes 25th Action Figure HOH COMPLETE C9+ v41 2009

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G.I. Joe:

Snake Eyes (version 41) was released by Hasbro and was released as part of the Internet-exclusive Hall of Heroes wave in 2009.


Snake Eyes (v41) came with gray bandolier, a silver and black sword, a black uzi, a silver and black knife, a gray wolf, and a gold display stand.


Subject served in Long Range Recon Patrols in Southeast Asia. Left the service to study mystic martial arts with the same Ninja family that produced STORM SHADOW. SNAKE EYES was living an ascetic existence alone in the High Sierras with a pet wolf named Timber when he was recruited for the GI JOE team.

Qualified Expert: All NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms, black belt in 12 different fighting systems and highly skilled in the use of edged weapons.

"SNAKE EYES was tempered on the anvil of life until he was as dangerous as a razor-edged sword, flailing in the dark. The GI JOE team sheathed that sword and harnessed its deadly energy but even they are wont to forget that even within the safety of its scabbard, the blade retains its cutting edge."