GI JOE SNOW JOB Pursuit of Cobra Action Figure POC 25TH COMPLETE v7 C9+ 2010

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G.I. Joe:

Snow Job (version 7) was released by Hasbro and was released in the first wave of figures for the Pursuit of Cobra line in 2010.


Snow Job (v7) came with a white and green coat, a green, black, and gray backpack with silver bracket and black antenna, a black sniper rifle with black bipod, two black and white skis, two orange, silver, and black ski poles, a gray radio, a silver stove with silver pan, a red water can, a black pick, a white tent roll, and a black display stand.


SNOW JOB is the G.I. JOE Team's arctic survival specialist. He camped in the polar north for months to watch a Cobra base and gather information. His gear includes a M.U.S.P. multi-use survival pack that he uses as a bedroll, tent and concealment for observing the enemy.