GI JOE SNOW JOB Vintage Action Figure COMPLETE 3 3/4 C9+ v2 1997

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G.I. Joe:

Snow Job (version 2) was released by Hasbro and was released as part of the fourteenth series (1997) in the Arctic Mission Team three pack


Snow Job came with a black laser rifle, two dark black ski poles, two white skis, a white backpack (that could hold the poles and skis), and a black figure stand.


Snow Job was the first arctic soldier to join the G.I. Joe Team. His talents were needed when the battle against COBRA took to the cold climate and snow covered mountains. He doesn't particularly enjoy the cold, but thrives on what he can do in it. He's an expert marksman, qualified on all NATO long range rifles and laser targeting systems. Snow Job was a major contender for the Olympic Biathlon before his enlistment. He can still ski down steep mountains and pick off a target 1,000 yards away, making it back to base before the end of a poker game. His reputation precedes him, not only as a skilled target shooter, but as a major con artist. Snow Job's scams are legendary within the barracks, and no one will dare take a bet from him. His teammates steer clear of him around pay day. When the G.I. Joe program re-organized, Snow Job returned as a member of the Arctic unit. He won more card games than anyone cares to remember, and he never misses a shot. You can bet on him to be the winner.