GI JOE SPIRIT IRON KNIFE Action Figure DTC COMPLETE 3 3/4 C9+ v1 2005

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G.I. Joe:

Spirit Iron-Knife (version 1) was released by Hasbro and was released as an online exclusive, a part of the twenty first series (2005).


Spirit Iron-Knife came with a black rifle, silver/black knife, and pet eagle, Freedom.


A Native American mystic warrior with a degree in psychology, Sporit Iron-Knife is also the best wilderness tracker on the GI Joe team. He has an uncanny ability to find and read the faintest of trail signs and has a keen understanding of the human through process. This helps him not only find the Cobra forces he is tracking, but also anticipate their actions. He is a qualified expert with all the latest weapons systems available to the GI Joe team but does not depend on technology. In the field, equipped with just a knife, he can create his own weapons, as well as traps, snares and deadfalls. As effective as these devices are, he still claim that the best weapons are psychological ones.