GI JOE STORM SHADOW Action Figure Cobra COMPLETE 3 3/4 C9+ v20 2005

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G.I. Joe:

Storm Shadow (version 20) was released by Hasbro and was available as mail-order promotion in 2005. The figure started shipping in May and was available to order through June 30, 2005.


Storm Shadow came with a white hood, a black and silver sword, and two black and silver knives.


Storm Shadow was once a master in the Arashikage ninja clan, along with his sword-brother, Snake Eyes, he was taught the ways of the ninja by his father, Hard Master. Storm Shadow could never accept that cooperation, mot conquest, is often the key to victory, his desperate need to be the best in his father's eyes was a fatal flaw exploited by a Cobra ninja who infiltrated the clan. This evil ninja caused the death of Hard Master and had the blame fall on Snake Eyes. This split the clan and the sword-brothers in two. Now Storm Shadow working for Cobra in his quest to get revenge against Snake Eyes. But in his dedication to the cause of evil the truth or a deception? Ninjas work with the art of illusion as well as the blade of the sword. What are the true motives of Storm Shadow?