GI JOE TIGER FORCE DUKE 25th Anniversary Figure COMPLETE C9+ v28 2008

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G.I. Joe:

Duke (version 28) was released with the sixth wave of single packs in 2008.


Duke came with a green helmet, a black pistol, a submachine gun, green binoculars, a green and black backpack, a dark gray bandolier, and a black display stand.


Duke was fluent in French German, and English when he enlisted. He graduated top of his class at the Fort Benning Airborne School. He opted for U.S. Army Special Languages School, specializing in Han Chinese and Southeast Asian dialects. Upon graduation, he served in the Army's Special Forces unit in Southeast Asia, where he received the Medal of Honor and two Bronze Stars for single-handedly rescuing 34 POW's from a heavily guarded enemy compound. As squad leader of the Tiger Force commandos, Duke leads this top-secret rapid-response unit on missions to defuse explosive situations around the world.