GI JOE TRIPWIRE Action Figure COMPLETE 3 3/4 C9+ v4 2001

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G.I. Joe:

Tripwire (version 4) was released by Hasbro and was part of the seventeenth series (2001),


Tripwire came with a black mine detector, three dark green mines, a dark green backpack (that could hold the three mines), and a black figure stand.


Tripwire is an accident waiting to happen. He's clumsy, jittery, all thumbs and a nervous wreck around people, unless he's working with explosives. Then he's calm and collected, with the skill and precision of a surgeon. Doesn't matter what type of explosive, detonator or blasting machine he's handling; he knows exactly how to make it work without missing a beat. He spent two years in Zen monastery pondering the meaning of life, but he got expelled for breaking too many dishes and spilling every liquid in sight. Determined to make something of shit shortcomings, he joined the Army and found his calling on the grenade range. Something about setting off explosives and watching bombs bursting in the air relaxes him. Hard to believe for a guy who seems to trip over air.