GI JOE ZARTAN 50th Anniversary Action Figure Dreadnok COMPLETE C9+ v22 2015

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G.I. Joe:

Zartan (version 22) was released by Hasbro as part of the "Vanishing Act" set for the 50th Anniversary line in 2015.


Zartan (v22) comes with a crossbow, black backpack, 3 separate masks, a knife, and a black and gold figure stand.


Zartan can alter his skin color at will to blend in with his environment. He's a master of make-up and disguise, ventriloquist, linguist, acrobatic-contortionist, and practitioner of several mystic martial arts. All this makes him almost impossible to find or capture. When Hit & Run and Torpedo close in on him, he heads into the swamp and uses every trick he knows to escape from the persistent G.I. Joe pair.