About Us


We come to you with over 25 years experience. All our items have original parts and accessories unless otherwise noted. All our pictures will be of the actual item you are purchasing. Please remember to review the pictures using the enlarge option to ensure you understand the condition of the product. If you need more photos in order to make a decision on an item, please contact us and we will do our best to try and upload more photos for you. Thanks for visiting our site. Happy shopping!



Our mission is to provide you the best possible service for ordering collectibles online. To us that means accurately describing our items, uploading good quality photos, answering questions in a timely and orderly manner, packaging items properly and securely, shipping in a timely fashion, and providing you with excellent communication. We also take great pride in the feedback we receive from you the consumer. We have nothing to hide, if an honest mistake is made, we will fully heartily admit it and do our best to correct the issue to your satisfaction. We want you to return and always have a good shopping experience. So purchase from us with confidence. Thank you for your business! 



I always enjoyed collecting as a kid. My favorites growing up were G.I. Joe 3-3/4" action figures, Iron Man comic books, and Baseball cards. After several years, I was able to obtain almost all of what I was looking for, or at least of what I knew existed. Then eBay came along and changed everything. As eBay grew, more and more people used it as a viable marketplace. I created my first account and set off on my journey. First I only pursed the buying portion of the site. In due time I slowly progressed to begin selling my own personal items. It was a simple way for me to buy what I wanted and sell what I no longer need. As the years progressed I was able to buy and sell collections on a much greater scale. My passion for collecting has made it possible for me to build up a huge database. I now share all of that time, effort, and knowledge in order to provide you a website to obtain complete high quality items. Myself as well as my staff hope you enjoy looking at all we have to offer in our collection.