Sell Your Collection

Are you in interested in selling your toy collection? We at Indie Collectibles would love to buy any collections you have to offer! Just follow the steps below and we'll negotiate with you on a price that is reasonable for us and yourself. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!
We require several photos of the collection you wish to sell. We request that you take photos from several different angles or perspectives, so we can get an idea of the condition of the items in your collection. We ask that you use proper lighting and take clear photos so we can clearly see all the items you wish to sell. Depending on the size of the collection more photo's may be requested if need be.
To send us your offer we ask you use our company's e-mail address (listed below) to send us your offer. Please ensure before e-mailing us that you give us a description of what your trying to sell as well as the condition of the collection. Please describe the living environment of the collection, such as if it where housed in a basement, attic, or storage facility. This help's assist us in understanding the collections condition. Any further information you can provide is always welcome and appreciated. Once an E-Mail is received we will look it over and contact you as soon as possible. If no e-mail is received within 2-3 day's feel free to contact us via phone on our CONTACT US page.  We operate 7 days a week between 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. CNT. 
After overlooking everything you have to offer, we will assist in determining the condition of the collection. Condition is a strong factor we take into consideration when negotiating price. Once a full understanding of condition is factored in will begin to discussing offers and we think your collection is worth to us. We believe our pricing methods to be fair and satisfactory to the seller and to us the buyer. To help our sellers understand the process we go through when receiving a collection we wrote a brief explanation of what goes into receiving a collection, which you can read about at the bottom of the page.   
Once pricing negotiations have been handled we will discuss shipping and the best and most affordable option. We will cover all shipping of collections so you don't have to worry about losing money! We ask that when prepping to ship your collection please ensure items are securely packaged in boxes fitted with, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tissue, newspaper, or any other packaging material to keep all items safe from shipping damages. We ask that you don't over pack to much into one box, ensure everything fits properly without damaging any items in the collection. Larger items should have extra attention! Don't leave small items loose, as it is possible to get lost in the shipping process. Make sure boxes are properly sealed and have no major rips or tears in them.
Upon receiving your collection we will contact you, stating that we have received your collection and are currently in the process of processing it. Followed with a thank you message, as well as a recommendation to friends or family that may be interested in selling their collections. We appreciate everyone's business and we'll do everything to make it a simple and painless process. 
To better help understand how we operate we'd like to explain our process when receiving a new collection to our shop. Once a collection is received we go through a thorough organization process, this helps us ensure an items level of completeness as well as assess any missing accessories or parts. After organizing the collection we run each item through a cleaning procedure to help us spot any defects or discoloration. If we receive an item not in our database it goes through a research procedure to help gain information on the item and ensure we group it with the right accessories or parts. Lastly, after running through the process the item is bagged in an appropriate bag and placed into our database to be listed at our earliest convenience.
Have any question regarding our process or steps? Give us a shout through our CONTACT US page and we will acknowledge any question or concerns you may have!